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Wounded Badger Interactive has worked on a variety of titles for several platforms and game systems. We have even written a book!

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Current Projects


SimplyID is the next generation of identification software. Based on the successful original SimplyID, version 5.0 adds many features suggested by users as well as advanced image processing functionality.

Completed Titles

MahJongg: Tiles of Time

MahJongg: Tiles of Time brings a whole new meaning to MahJongg! Play in cool 3D environments such as the Great Pyramids, the Great Wall of China, and Stonehenge! Hit specific milestones to unlock 3D objects that allow you to customize your environments! With over 110 variations, incredible tile sets and backgrounds, plus customizable music, this is the best MahJongg game in town!

Game Development with Lua

Lua is an open source scripting language. J5 Technology is very tightly integrated with Lua, so it is a natural step that we write a book about using Lua in Game Development. A joint project of Mark and Paul Schuytema, this book will teach Lua and Game Development as well as provide a strong starting point for DirectX 9.0 games that use Lua.

Health & Fitness Club Tycoon

Build, create and manage your very own health club!

You have complete control over the design of your club! Decide on the layout, equipment, classes offered, decor, and more! Hire staff, advertise to win over customers, and then watch your money accumulate! Once you meet the goals for the small gyms, build bigger, fancier mega-health clubs!

Mahjongg Master Platinum

With 12 ways to play, incredible tile sets and backgrounds, plus all new 3D environments, this is the best MahJongg game in town!

Ultimate Mini Golf Designer

Design and play your very own 3D mini golf courses! Create fantasy courses with tropical landscapes, design complex holes with traps, portal holes and obstacles, or make crazy off-the-wall courses - The possibilities are endless! Play against 10 different characters, or challenge a friend over the Internet! With 5 pre-made courses, and the ability to create limitless new courses, the fun is never-ending!

Riverboat Slots

Enjoy a huge selection of 3D machines, with a variety of pay lines, in Riverboat Casino! It's all the fun of the Casinos, without the risk of loosing your shirt! Play in 10 unique casinos, from penny slots to the super rich! Play on fully-3D, authentic retro mechanical machines with 3, 4 and even 6 reels!

Video Poker is also included as a bonus!!

Hasbro Interactive (an Infogrames Company) has brought the classic game of ruthless real-estate wheeling-and-dealing from the world of board games to the virtual world. The Wounded Badger Interactive team was developing the new Nuon Platform (www.nuon.tv) version, based on the successful Windows version of MonopolyTM . The project was killed at Beta due to the bankruptcy of VMLabs.

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Axis & Allies: Iron BlitzTM is the ultimate World War II strategy game for Windows developed for Hasbro Interactive (an Infogrames Company). Players command authentic World War II military forces in strategic battle conditions and have the chance to rewrite history.

Septerra CoreTM is a Role Playing Adventure Game for Windows developed by Valkyrie Studios (www.valkyriestudios.com). Players encounter intriguing puzzles, strong character development and fast paced strategic combat, all driven by a story that takes place in an uniquely original, highly detailed fantasy world.

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