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Monday, January 23, 2006

Linux Update

A major milestone has been achieved. The entire codebase compiles and links under Linux. I am now cleaning up some filename case-sensitive issues. I hope to have a running app very soon!

UPDATE: Got it completely running! There are still some case-sensitive issues and speed issues but everything is working.
Friday, January 06, 2006

A Christmas "Carol"

Here is what everyone has been waiting for...

Christmas Pictures of Carol.

Linux Project: Day 3

I left off last night after getting KDevelop up and running, which leaves me with just a few more steps before going for Ogre again.


I got the whole thing going, with the good OpenGL/ATI driver! Samples look good and I am now ready to get my codebase from SVN and start porting!

I published my notes on the Ogre Wiki.

[Update again]

Finally found a SVN Client that will compile and run (eSvn). Again, I have to say that Windows people have it soft, one SVN client (that I never got to work - RapidSVN) got me 3 layers deep in dependancies and then crapped out on it's own config.

Gawd, my forhead hurts from all the pounding!

Anyway, I got the codebase downloaded and ready to roll... too bad I am going to get pulled from the Linux experiment for a demo build job next week...
Thursday, January 05, 2006

Today's Linux Fun

This post will be updated as the day goes on...

I got Ogre to compile and the sample programs "run". I use quotes because they look crappy and are super slow (<1 fps). The same card (ATI 9600) in the Windows samples look great.

I went to the ATI site and downloaded the latest driver installer (8.20.8) and the samples look exactly the same.

I am posting a question at the Ogre Forums now...


Turns out that the OpenGL provider was Mesa, not the ATI driver. While trying to figure out how to change this, I hosed up the system REAL GOOD, so I am starting over. I guess you have to do it once just to learn how...
Wednesday, January 04, 2006

DLL Hell?

Attention Windows People:

I NEVER, and I mean NEVER want to hear complaining about "DLL Hell" EVER AGAIN!

You have to try installing virtually anything on Linux before you are allowed to whine about DLL Hell again.

That is all

Linux + Ogre = Me?

The newest project is to see if we can get the current Windows XP/Ogre based application to run under [gulp] Linux.

After some quick research on the Ogre forums I decided not to use the dristro that I am most familiar with (SUSE) and follow the recommendations of other Ogre-ites and download the Kubuntu (5.10) distro. How bad can it be with a codename of "Breezy-Badger"?

I am installing Kubuntu on another machine as I write this...

More to come.


Downloaded the Distro and installed fine. In fact, very easy to get to a working desktop. Next is to download KDevelop and install. This is NOT easy as I am finding more and more packages that must be installed before I can even get past the configure stage. First "make" failed with missing headers, which a quick trip to the internet did not help. Developing...

[Next Update]

I have KDevelop running. I am currently fighting with DevIL and the sourceforge cvs server. Still Developing...

[Final Update for Today]

The secret to getting DevIL installed is to ignore all the release versions and go directly to the cvs version. The release versions are not only super-old, but are not installable, mainly due to MSDOS line ending in most (but not all, DOH!) shell scripts. Once I won the battle with SourceForge CVS, all went well.

I am currently running my first "make" on the Ogre source base. No telling what horrors await...